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The current pandemic affected the world and caused a restrain of movement in all industries.

Covid-19 is rapidly spreading and the most effective way to stop the spread is to limit transmission by identifying infected individuals as quickly as possible and isolating them for treatment before they can infect others.

The Virolens™ by I-Abra is a screening device using microscopic holographic imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) software technology to detect the presence of the Covid-19 virus from a non-intrusive saliva swab test within 20 seconds.

STEP 1A self-administered mouth swab is placed inside a cartridge and inserted into the Virolens system.
STEP 2A built-in holographic microscope connected to a digital camera captures 3D 4k images at Nano-scale of each cell in the Saliva testing sample.
STEP 3All captured images are analyzed through an AI trained computer identifying the virus through its unique pattern from other cells promptly.
STEP 4The Virolens® system is completely self-contained with high sensitivity and specificityThe result is displayed within seconds.

The Virolens™ system can be updated to test other infections such as tuberculosis , flu or other future viral infection threats.

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