Oxiba understand that the work place is changing.
we believe that we all want to work  in our own individual way.
Oxiba offers office furniture product of infinite choice and design to provide a high degree of reconfigurability.We have a wide selection of office desks of all shapes and sizes, movable storage units, filling systems, flexible mobile screens. In all you can adapt,change and modify your office inmunites.

Teams can merge and disperse as the need arises. As furniture provider, we have a diverse portfolio of products. We have helped many customers get the perfect balance between style and functionality. Individuals benefit from  being able to work almost anywhere within the office. Oxiba is your best source for furniture: for work area, hotels, conference rooms, reception areas,breakout zones, Audio video rooms and more.

Our range includes Key items in stock in Dubai, such as:
Reception desks, Conference tables, Meeting tables, Manager desks, Workstations,Office chairs, Ergonomic seating, cabinets, Shelves, Sofas, and many more.